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The Bloodhound – A Friendly Breed With A Famous Nose

The Bloodhound or St. Hubert Hound is an ancient breed that dates back over 1500 years. The name Bloodhound refers to their pure blood and pure breeding standards. This large scent hound ways between 70-115 pounds and measures 23″ to 27″ in length. They are known for their excellent tracking ability that can be matched by no other dog.

In fact, it is due to this innate, unmatched tracking ability that they are the only dogs whose tracking testimony is permitted in the court of law. Tracking trails performed by police Bloodhounds are permissible in court. A Bloodhound by the name of Nick Carter is credited for finding over 600 criminals. He reportedly once followed a trail that was over 100 hours old to catch a fugitive. Sherlock Holmes was often referred to as the human Bloodhound because of his excellent investigative work.

Bloodhounds are recognized by the AKC. Their permissible coat colors include liver and tan, black and tan, or red and tawny. White flecks or a small amount of white on the chest and feet is allowed. Their short, smooth and hard coat is easy to groom and requires only minimal grooming with a hound glove. They only need bathed when necessary.

Although energetic and intense when working, the Bloodhound is gentle and friendly when they are home with their family. They are laid back and easy going when they are not working and are wonderful with children. They do best with other dogs and pets that they are raised with from puppyhood. This is particularly true for non-canine pets as they have an innate tracking/chasing drive. They tend to be head strong and are difficult to train. No matter how well trained they are, if they find an interesting scent to follow, they will follow it until they are satisfied and will only stop when they are ready to stop no matter how many times you call them. For this reason they should be walked on a leash and kept in a fenced in yard. Even though they are not a high energy dog at home, they still require regular exercise and play. They love time to explore outside and are best in homes with a yard. They are not meant for apartment life.

The Bloodhounds ancestry dates back over 1500 years. They are often called St. Hubert Hounds because the St. Hubert monks in Belgium are credited with perfecting the breed to what we know it as today. They were brought to the United States from England. They were traditionally considered hunting and tracking dogs and are still used for these things today as well as police work and family companionship.

Perfect as hunting dog or companion dog for active families, the Bloodhound is an intelligent, curious breed that loves to explore the countryside with their family by day and relax inside with their family by night. Good with children, the Bloodhound works well with family life. If you are a family that enjoys outdoor activities and are looking for a dog to share in all aspects of family life, the Bloodhound might be a good choice for you.

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